The sale of the Castle in France 1,4 hectare

Chateau du CoustetSale of the elegant 19th century county mansion in excellent state situated in 1,23 hectare of parkland and 425m2 living area with 663,80 m2 utility space (basement, ground-floor, 2 floors), small garden and swimming pool.

Situated in the heart of the wonderful and sparsely populated countryside in a picturesque setting where the air is pure. The sloping vineyards overlooking the beautiful valleys and rivers show off the surrounding landscape offering the best vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens of France. An excellent national road network system, thousands of small shops specializing in local gastronomical products, restaurants offering world famous regional specialities where you may taste and appreciate the legendary fois gras dishes or magret de canard.

The region where the property is situated has one of the lowest rates of crime in France. The local population is mainly rural. There is a rich architectural heritage with numerous historic monuments conserved since the period of English domination along with fortified castles and mediaeval villages transporting the visitor back to past centuries.

There are excellent leisure activities to suit all tastes. Only 6 km away brings you to the largest woodland in France, the Landes extending right over to the Atlantic Coast. The Landes forest is the favourite spot for hunters, fishermen and mushroom pickers. The region offers a wide-range of walking, hiking, horse and cycling tours. 100 m from the property brings you directly to the Canal du Midi and those interested in fluvial tourism may enjoy cruises in barges connecting the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The Canal du Midi is 193 km long and has 53 locks and numerous bridges. It is possible to rent boats and barges without licence and sail.

Gascony, home of d’Artagnan and Armagnac is situated 20 km south. As one approaches the Pyrenees, there are numerous thermal spas specialized in treating specific infections. Ski resorts, tourist get-aways … there are so many interesting places in the Pyrenees to be discovered and only 2 hours drive away.